About Me

Hi, I'm Tom—a husband, father, and wedding photographer based in Cambridge.

Looking back, I've always had a big interest in photography even if in the early days it was just flipping through the family photo albums on a regular basis.

Around 12 years ago, I bought my first camera, and bam! Until that time I had only used point and shoot style cameras, so to learn about the amount of control and choice its possible to have over how a photo looks in-camera, appealed to my creative (and dare I say geeky) side. Going forwards it quickly turned into a passion for me.

At first I photographed anything and everything, but soon realised it was people photography that really grabbed me.

In 2017 I photographed a wedding for the first time when some friends asked me to. That experience, with all the love and emotion on display, was a revelation for me, and its something I hoped to do more of.

Since then I've gone on to photograph over 25 weddings, both for my own clients, and as a second shooter for other professionals. My aim is to continually improve and make each wedding better than the one before.

Being part of someone's big day is a huge deal for me, and I love catching those unique moments that make these occasions unforgettable.

Kind Words


Katherine & Nicholas

We are so glad we chose Tom to photograph our wedding day. His photos blew us away and he captured every moment so well. He is so friendly and you can tell that this is a real passion of his. We can't thank Tom enough - the photos are simply stunning!

Good luck for the 2023 wedding season - the couples will be lucky to have you!